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Administrative Structure

Article 1: Assigning the faculty’s employees to work in the administration shown next to their names, as well as to work

Assigning and distributing the faculty’s employees to the departments of the faculty after reviewing: Law No. 49 of 1972 A.D

and the executive regulations governing it, and the Civil Service Law No. 81 of 2016 AD and the executive regulations governing it,

And the bylaws of the college and the organizational structure of the college.

And on Order No. (132) dated 12/11/2014 AD from the Organization and Administration, assigning Mr. Ashraf Muhammad Ismail Mahran

Secretary of the College, and the decisions and orders issued by us to assign some of the working masters to perform the work of a director of a department or

Working with something.

In view of the small number of employees in the college, the needs of the work in the college, and the good progress and regularity of work in the college