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Student affairs


Measuring the extent of transparency and student satisfaction with admission policies and their adaptation to the mission and strategic goals, as well as transfer policies and policies for international students. 


The education and students sector aims to graduate distinguished students through an educational program that allows the acquisition of knowledge and skills, enhances critical thinking, the ability to solve problems and sustainable learning, and ensures comprehensive, fair and objective evaluation mechanisms for students. The sector also works to ensure that students have a fruitful student life experience that qualifies them to be individuals capable of developing themselves and develop their community.



The Education and Student Affairs Sector is concerned with preparing students scientifically, culturally and physically by emphasizing the quality of education to provide students with knowledge and scientific concepts, as well as mental and practical skills, communication skills, teamwork and building a normal personality, as well as developing a culture of dialogue and acceptance of others, developing creativity for talents, as well as caring for students, whether outstanding or faltering academically. As well as those with special needs.

Supervising the means of student support and determining the characteristics and needs of students by preparing:

1- Student support and academic guidance plan.

2- Financial support and health care procedures.

3- Programs for sponsoring outstanding and creative students.

4- Support services for students with special needs and academic failure.

5- Scholarships.

6- Student's guide.

7- Follow up on student activities plans.

8- Create an e-mail and account number for each student in order to deal with it electronically with the college.              

Issuing student university ID

1- Get pay permission from student affairs office

2-pay the full amount

3-bring the receipt for payment and a personal photo and present them to youth care office

Issuing a registration certificate

 50 piasters Pay permission

Supply the amount to the treasury and buy a university stamps

Present the university ID, payment receipt and the university stamps

Registration certificate To Whom It May Concern

Recruitment Conditions

Every student has a file this file comprises military service delay request if this file not exists he must complete it

The eighteen years old student must present a six template from the police station till taking the measures of delaying his recruitment, as student affairs office reports the recruitment office to delay his recruitment period till finishing his study

Twenty one years old student must clarify his recruitment position by presenting a certificate or a template from the following templates:

1-exemption certificate

2- Postponement certificate

3-exempted for conscription

4-completing military service certificate


Book center:

Book center is the place in which the books are bought

The center provides the books and the approved text books

The university supports the books


Management structure 

Management Name
Secretary Ashraf Mohamed Ismail Mahran
Library Alaref Essayed Hassan
Abd el-Azeem Hossam eldeen
Samar Shabaan
Youth care Kamal Ibrahim Abd el-Hgany
Manal Ibrahim Mahmoud
Mohamed Hosny
Tamer Tallat
Samar Kamal Abd Alal
Personal department Emad Mohamed Ibrahim
Mohamed Allam Youssef
Mohamed Abe el-Haleem Mahmoud
Mohamed Omar
Mustafa Mahmoud
Student affairs Bahaa eldeen Roshdy
Ashraf Gamal Sedeek
Shimaa Abd el-Aatty Abd el-Minim
Mohamed Ahmed Bakry  
Yehia Fawzy
stores and procurement  Ahmed Abd el-Aal
Yasser Maabad Hussein
Waleed Abd el-Wahab
Registration Mona Ali Abd el-Radi
Ragab Mohamed Abd el-Rahman
Secretary Osama Albadry Ibrahim
Treasury Samia Salah Bakry
IT Unite Mohamed Hassan Alkhashaab
Hend Abu Alsood
Israa Nasser
General affairs Abd el-Nasser Mohamed
Mahmoud Abd el-Latif