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Quality Assurance Unit


Completion of the components of quality assurance systems in all departments  so that they are able to continue development to qualify it for institutional accreditation.


The unit seeks to spread a culture of quality, follow-up and performance evaluation in all elements of the educational process The research activities, community service and environmental development provided by the college, in light of the standards of The National Authority for Quality Assurance and the adoption of a process of continuous improvement of institutional and academic performance  to raise the level of efficiency of its graduates and gain the satisfaction of the beneficiaries in order to achieve total quality and access to accreditation


The unit aims to evaluate the university performance in the college, develop the educational and research process, and serve Society and environmental development in light of the standards of the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education Accreditation and Assistance

The college obtains institutional and academic accreditation for its programs, and this is done through the following: 

1- Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the capabilities and study programs offered by the college and presenting suggestions and appropriate means to overcome them and develop action plans with timing and responsibilities and defining the necessary capabilities.

2- Spreading the culture of quality among faculty members, college students, administrators and college staff Evaluating various aspects of the educational process by measuring performance indicators for inputs and the outcomes of the educational process (faculty members and their assistants, graduate students)Laboratories, departments, classrooms, grandstands, etc.

4- Develop a performance evaluation and analysis system that includes: Designing models to evaluate the performance of the deans, heads of departments, as well as all faculty members.and their assistants and all the staff of the college.b- Establishing a system that ensures the participation of all participants in the educational process in the college in all elements of-Annual self-evaluation.

5- Working to find channels of communication with national and international bodies that are interested in evaluating and assuring quality in university education to exchange experience in order to improve the performance of the educational process at the Faculty of Physical Education.

6-Exchanging experiences and ideas for developing university education with similar units in universitie sEgyptian, Arab and international ones to benefit from them in achieving the desired development.

7- Work to create a database and integrated files for all programs and courses for each academic degrees offered by the college in preparation for the accreditation of those that are consistent with international and local standards

8- Develop the necessary tools for evaluating optimal performance, such as tests, measurements, and questionnaires so that it includes evaluation mechanisms and criteria and the procedural steps needed to implement the evaluation system.

9-Following up the development of the various faculties of physical education for their programs and regulations in order to reach their graduates to a distinguished level among graduates of the corresponding colleges in other universities to achieve their ability Competitiveness in the local and international labor market.