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Youth Care Activities

Sport activity

  • Hold sport tournament and festivals in football ,basketball and Ping-Pong
  • 2- choose the teams to represent the faculty to compete at the national level
  • Encourage the sport talents and upgrade them
  • consolidate the sportsmanship spirit
  • The activity of scout and general service
  • Holds the camps of the scout and general service
  • Implement the environment service programs and encourage students to partcipate the students in implementing them
  • Social activities and trips

1 Organize trips and social, recreational and cultural camps for the students

2-Hold scientific, social and research competitions

3-Hold the ideal male and female students’ competition

Encourage the spirit of cooperation between the staff members and the employees


  • Artistic competition

Encourage and support the artistic activities

Develop the artistic activity so as to agree with the lofty aims

  • Hold artistic competitions in music-coral playing music

6-The cultural and scientific activities

Hold cultural seminars and competitions

Upgrade the literary and the cultural energies of the students

Organize the cultural activity aspects to keep the student aware about the society’s needs

7-Group activities

Group activities consisted of different students from different stages, the leader of the group is one of the staff members

Develop the cooperation spirit

Encourage taking responsibility 

 Strengthen the link between the students and their professors

Strengthen the link between the students and their colleges

How to participate in the activities

  • Following up the announcements which youth care office announces either at the faculty of at the university
  • 2-Fill the student activity form

The procedures of forming a student family or group

1-family file which is presented to youth care office includes:

1-The name of the group, must be in Arabic and has a clear meaning, the student groups must not be established according to political or religious belief

2-The names and data of the members of the group must be completed and accredited by youth care office

  • The approval of one of the staff members(or lecturer-professor-assistant professor to be the leader of the group
  • 4- The approval of one of the staff members to be the decision maker of the group
  • 5- A temporary board of directors till running new elections
  • 6-The regulation of the activity of the group
  • 7The plan of the group activity attached by assessment application for every project



er for each student in order to deal with it electronically with the college.