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Important Offices for the Students

Important offices for the students

The medical Management

Sohag University the medical and healthy cares for the students

Providing all the specialized doctors in all medical specializations

 Provide the medical examination and the month medicine for the chronic and critical cases

Provide the medical examination for the new students

Issuing the medical card for the students

Provide the medical care for the students

Conduct the medical examinations and analyses for the students

Perform the surgeries for the critical cases at the expenses of the university

Provide well equipped ambulances for the emergence cases

Military Education Management

Military education management organizes courses in the Military education in the mid term, these courses aims at develop the loyalty spirit for the nation

Prepare a generation of students able to afford the military life

Create a well conscious youth able to hold the responsibility 

Service places for the students

Post office

University restaurant

Cars management

Cairo bank branch

Railway reservation office

University bakery

University cafeteria