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Objectives of the General Administration of Libraries

A- Developing library holdings of all kinds in all disciplines 

B- Mechanizing work procedures in university libraries to facilitate researchers’ access to information sources in Egyptian university libraries 

C – Continuous training for library workers to acquire the technical skills necessary to deal with modern technology methods in accordance with comprehensive quality standards.

D – Follow up on the libraries technically, administratively and financially to provide a distinguished library service

.E – Cooperating with local and international bodies and institutions to follow up on all that is new in the fields of science and knowledge.



General administration services:

1- Borrowing:Borrowing is one of the most important public services provided by libraries, and it is an important indicator of the effectiveness of libraries and their relationship with beneficiaries, and a good criterion for measuring the effectiveness of libraries in providing their services and achieving their goals.

Libraries provide an external borrowing service to those who frequent them to activate scientific research in light of what its regulations allow and in a manner that provides a service for researchers and students.

• Registering and modifying borrowers’ data or importing data from the Student Affairs Program.• Set the borrowing powers, which depend on the location, the category of the beneficiary, and the type of container.••

The possibility of controlling the number of containers allowed to be borrowed/booked together with specifying the period with which the borrowing/booking ends and the number of renewal times.• Managing the borrower’s account and calculating fines and payments.•

The possibility of calculating the loan period automatically according to the list of libraries.•

The possibility of knowing the holdings that were delayed in return at any time.• The ability to send notifications to beneficiaries by e-mail 

Automated search capabilities:

Global database search service:

  • By using digital databases through computers connected to the university network
  • It allows researchers to benefit from the service of searching databases from outside the university.

Local search service:

The university libraries provide an automated search service in all their holdings by means of the name of the vessel and the author’s name, or research on the subject, etc., from the possibility of searching, at the level of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities (letters – books – periodicals) through the digital library project. _ Libraries provide all the services available on the digital library portal: And that is through the service of accessing the full text of the messages at the level of the Supreme Council of Universities – the service of document delivery – the service of searching on the topics of the messages that are still under study.


It is one of the basic services provided by libraries, and this service contributes to preserving library holdings from theft and tearing of materials, whether by photocopying papers or filming microfilms, in accordance with the rules contained in the university libraries regulations and for a nominal fee. For this purpose, 12 cameras were provided in college libraries