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Information Technology Services Unit

Faculty Network Project

1-Follow up the work of the internal network of the college

2- Making a periodic inventory of the status of the college network and the current and future requirements.

3- Preparing periodic reports on malfunctions, network efficiency and usage rate.

4- Download the original programs and antiviruses-

5- Coordination and cooperation with the university network administration to achieve the required objectives and policies.

6- Carrying out the required expansions for the college’s wired and wireless network in coordination with the university’s network.

7- Periodic maintenance of computers and their accessories and supervision of maintenance contracts.

MIS Project

1-Creating accounts for faculty members, their assistants, and graduate students on the digital library.

 2- Activating the college’s electronic correspondence

 3- Activating the college’s electronic courses.Management information systems or what is known as (MIS) combines information technology, computer science and management

. Its goal is to build technological computer systems that help the various departments in carrying out their work, and the departments’ use of computer systems in administrative processes reduces burdens, and reduces financial expenses on employees

And it overcomes many of the negatives of human work that may be caused by boredom from routine work or lack of the necessary moral motivation.

It also helps to reduce the size of the departments, which increases their burdens. The management information systems project also aims to establish a decision-making support system in the Supreme Council of Universities.

Tasks it performs:

 1. Training employees on how to work in MIS systems 

2. Training faculty members on systems related to their work, such as control and quality system. 

3. Provide technical support to users of MIS systems 

4. Make periodic reports on the efficiency of work in the systems and the extent of their application in the college  Services by MIS 

The college’s management information systems are specialized in

 Student Affairs Departments Alumni Affairs Department Postgraduate Affairs  Faculty Affairs – Personnel affairs in Al-Farouq system for human resources 

The Department of Information Systems in the College (MIS) is the department responsible for managing this project in the college, that is, it is the link between the data entry in the college and the project management. To make reports.     

Train on Information Technology Project

1-Organizing and coordinating training courses related to information technology for faculty members, their assistants and employees

 2- Providing technical support to all beneficiaries of the unit’s services in the field of information technology.

 3-The target is all the gentlemen working in the college to obtain the ICTP certificate.

4-Training the department’s employees on data entry using the computer within the MIS project –

Electronic Learning Project:

1-Coordinate the cooperation between the administration of the e-learning unit at the college and the university.

2-Training faculty members, students and assisting agencies on the use of electronic courses.

3- Activating the use of courses produced by other universities and related to the various specializations of the college.

4- Preparing student and faculty data for electronic courses that are activated in the college

E-Portal Project

1-A link between the university’s e-services unit project and the university’s e-portal project.2- Creating a TV channel for the college on YouTube and adding videos of important events inside the college on it3- Publishing and updating news on the portal.4- Publishing  the schedules for various study programs.5-Follow-up the activity of publishing news for users in the various departments of the college.